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Skoda laura is an excellent car But people who

Skoda laura is an excellent car ??But people who have bought it are facing some very embarrasing moments.

For example.
Client to bank manager. "sirji ek laura finance
karana tha. laure pe interest kya chal raha hai.

After taking delivery.
Wife ne laura ki arti utari.
aur phir pura parivar laure pe baitH ke icecream khaane gaya.

Malkin. To driver- *Driver laura nikalo.

driver to malik- *sahab laura dho doon

And last but not not the least.....

Neighbours :-
Bete ki baraat to sharma ji ke laure pe
nikalunga. kyu sharmaji! Aapko koi takleef to
nahi hogi !!!!!????????????????????????????????????????Skoda Laura now available in Garlic Color.
To be called Laura Lassun

Submitted By : aman agarwal
Place : mangal pandey nagar
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Sexy Husband Jumps On bed in nude Position

Sexy Husband Jumps On bed in nude Position . . .
Wife: I have fever . . .
Husband : I know that,
So i have powdered my penis with Crocin
Now u decide, u want to take it orally or as AN injection . . . !!!?

Saala aaj tak samajh ni aaya
Ek poora din Shoes aur Socks pehno to pair gore ho jaate
.. par sala janam se chaddi pehni lekin,
USTAAD kaale ke kaale..????

Questions: ?Why Do Men Wear Underwear??
Answer: ?As Per Military Rules, All Types Of Weapons Should Be Kept Covered During Peace Time?

Message - Nursery Rhyme in 2020:
Jack and Jill went up the hill,
To have lots of sex n thrill
Jack fucked Jill and Broke her seal,
And Jill came down Shouting
i-pill i-pill

Bar Girl Dancing, Public Claping .
She Removes Her Top, More Claps..
Removes Her Skirt, Louder Claps ..
& P@nty, Total Silence????.
Moral : You Cant Clap With 1Hand??

Submitted By : vipul
Place : vadodara
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Bunty And Babli

Bunty And Babli

Since Babli is eight months into her pregnancy, Bunty has to sleep on the floor to avoid any regrettable mistake, which might happen pretty easily, for he has been desperate for quite a while now.

Just before lying down on the bed, she glances at him and sees the poor Bunty curled up on the floor; eyes stare widely into the empty air, filled with hopeless desire...

Feeling sorry for Bunty, she opens her purse, takes out a five hundred bucks, and gives it to him,

"Awww, my dear is so depressed... here, take this and go to Aishs wife, Preeto, she will let you sleep with her tonight and remember that this happens only once ok?Dont think about it again."

Bunty rolls his eyes in disbelief, but afraid that she may change her mind, he grabs the money and leaves quickly.

A few minutes later, he returns, hands the money back to Babli and says with much disappointment:

"She said this is not enough, she wants One thousand..."

Bablis face slowly turns red with anger, "Damn that bitch... when she was pregnant and Aish came over here... I only charged him five hundred!"

Submitted By : SmsFunBook Team
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On ADIS day

On ADIS day
teacher girl se- jab b s*x karo to c*nd*m
ka use jarur karna
grl-mem agar aapko polythin me
gulabjamun rakhkar chusaya jaye to kya
aapko test aaye ga.

Submitted By : SD
Place : Jdp
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Ek Panditji ka beta Bada ho gaya tha

Ek Panditji ka beta Bada ho gaya tha.
Panditji ne socha ke ab samay aagaya
hai ke apne bete ne apni raah chun
leni chahiye.
Par har jawan ladke ke tarah ladka bi
confused tha ke kya karna chahiye.
Pandit ji ko ek idea aaya.
Unhone bete ke room me 4 chize rakh di:
1. Bhagvat Geeta.
2. Chandi ka sikka.
3. Sharab ki bottle.
4. Porn Magazines.

Panditji ne socha ke agar bete ne
Geeta uthaayi to beta unke jaisa
pandit banega.
Agar Chandi ka sikka uthaya to
businessman banega.
Daaru ki bottle uthaayi to bigda hua
aawara niklega.
Aur agar porn magazine uthaayi to
Lafut CharitraHin banega.
Panditji bete ke room me chup ke
dekhne lage.
Beta aaya aur ussne wo charo chize
Usne pehle Geeta uthaayi aur bagal
me rakh li, Panditji khush hue.
Fir ussne sikka bi utha lia
Fir usne bottle bi leli
Aur fir magazine bi lekar wo chala
Panditji apna Matha fodte hue bole -
Hey Bhagwan..!!!
Lagta hai
Ye to "AASARAM BAPU" banega...

Submitted By : Parth
Place : Ahmedabad
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1 Larki ko exam me koi swal nahi a

1 Larki ko exam me koi swal nahi a
raha tha usne pas bethe Larkay se
kaha: Me apka dekh sakti hun?
Larka chupke se zip khol k bola: Lo
dekh Lo Chota sa hai...:D

Submitted By : sumit
Place : Gwl
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Santa-HELMET k upar se apna sar khujla rha tha

Santa-HELMET k upar se apna sar khujla rha tha

Wife-A ji helmet to utaar lo

Snta-Bahnchod teri gand me khujli hoti h

to kya shalwar utar deti h

Submitted By : manish sharma
Place : new delhi
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Ek Khan sahab roz MG road ke rates pata kar

Ek Khan sahab roz MG road ke rates pata kar ke jaate,
ke randi ki keemat kitni badh rahi hai...

Ek dost ne poocha to Khan sahab bole: Mein check karta hoon ke bivi mehngi to nahi pad rahi hai!

Submitted By : SmsFunBook Team
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